Practices and Sectors

Financial Institutions – assisting traditional firms and emerging businesses in the financial world.


Banks, investment firms and regulated market operators require specialized advice to address the profound changes in the insurance, finance and banking sectors. The firm’s professionals have accrued significant experience in this regard assisting clients in matters ranging from financial transactions, reporting obligations, market making arrangements, asset management (investment funds, SICAF, SICAV) and regulatory compliance. LX20 Law Firm can assist clients in the establishment of investment vehicles as well as investment firms, regulatory submissions, defenses against sanctions from supervisory Authorities, anti-money laundering matters and day-by-day regulatory compliance. The goal of the firm is to assist clients so that they may be able to anticipate legislative and regulatory change rather than be forced into compliance once change has occurred.

Fintech, Regtech and Insurtech – from open banking to crypto-assets/crypto-currencies


Fintech, regtech and insurtech are the more disruptive face of the traditional regulated markets and are the core of the firm’s value proposition. At LX20 Law Firm we assist clients who wish to push the frontiers of business with highly disruptive technology. The professionals at LX20 Law Firm have accrued considerable expertise in blockchain work (creation and use of crypto-currencies and crypto-assets, prospectus/whitepaper drafting, smart contracts, etc.) as well as open banking and PSD2 matters (including compliance with applicable RTS, regulatory compliance, etc.). At LX20 Law Firm we can assist businesses and individuals with matters in which technology disrupts the essence of traditional products/services or opens up new sectors. From initial advice to regulatory submissions to supervisory authorities (Banca d’Italia, Consob, IVASS) and technology integration in the compliance processes, the firm can accompany clients in their efforts to navigate heavily-regulated markets and offer new products and services in accordance with applicable regulation.

Crowdfunding and alternative finance – from traditional crowdfunding to ICOs and STOs


Crowdfunding is an increasingly relevant avenue to source alternative finance. Equity and debt offerings can be an asset to companies in need of financing, as well as the retail investors who wish to allocate financial resources to specific investments and support promising start-ups. Similarly, ICOs and STOs are an effective tool to raise capital and leverage the benefits and potential of blockchain. The firm has accrued considerable knowledge in the field of crowdfunding and blockchain-related matters and can effectively assist businesses in making their offerings through crowdfunding portals and exploring the potential of STOs. Expertise accrued in matters concerning the Italian crowdfunding regulation allows the firm’s professionals to effectively cater to the needs of existing and prospective crowdfunding providers.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and GDPR – harnessing the power of data and AI


Intelligent algorithms, machine learning and the use of vast amounts of data are an integral part of today’s world and are often the silent engine of the most popular services and products on the market. At LX20 Law Firm we leverage a profound understanding of the technology behind innovation to effectively assist businesses in making use of use of such powerful instruments in accordance with applicable regulation. Regulatory compliance and lawful data processing as well as AI implementation are some of the areas in which our professionals can assist clients. At the forefront of legal development, LX20 Law Firm provides clients with the expertise needed to tackle nascent legal issues such as AI liability and advanced data-based behavior prediction. With the development of quantum computing and more efficient technological architectures we expect significant change in the future and will provide clients with the advice they require to adequately tackle upcoming challenges and make the most of the opportunities afforded by existing and future technology.

E-commerce and on-line businesses – assisting the digital entrepreneur


A significant portion of modern businesses uses the internet to reach out to the market and consumers. Establishing a strong and compliant internet presence and a sound business from a legal point of view is key to success. LX20 Law Firm can assist business in matters related to the creation and running of e-business including consumer law, GDPR where applicable and on-line sales/provision of services to retail clients.

Corporate and M&A – one-stop shop for corporate and commercial matters


Whether a blooming start-up or an established business, corporations may encounter a host of different legal issues during their existence including fund raising, definition of ownership of governance, issuance of securities, mergers and acquisitions in addition to negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts. LX20 Law Firm provides qualified assistance in corporate and commercial matters with a focus on the specific needs of technology-intensive enterprises. The firm adopts a holistic approach based on a complete understanding of the core business of the client, its needs and objectives to deliver effective, tailored solutions to any issues which may arise.

Start-ups and scale-ups – assisting young businesses in reaching their goals


Start-ups are increasingly challenging the markets with highly disruptive ideas, products and services. Often the embodiment of visionary entrepreneurs and fueled by ground-breaking technology, start-ups have specific requirements which place such enterprises in a class of their own. The professionals at LX20 Law Firm have significant expertise in matters such as capital/fundraising, investor agreements, capital increases, complex corporate transactions (capital increases, issuance of financial instruments), labor issues and protection of proprietary technology. Synergies with the US desk and Arabic Desk of the firm provide additional support to start-ups wishing to expand abroad in the North American or Arabic markets.

Real Estate – Assisting clients in real-estate investments and transactions


Real Estate is among the preferred asset classes and is often the cornerstone of business both traditional and innovative. The firm can assist clients in acquiring real estate for both residential and commercial use and can assist clients in the negotiation of lease agreements and financing deals. At the intersection of finance and real estate, the firm can assist in the application of modern technology in the real estate market (such as the use of blockchain to achieve tokenization of real estate and related cash flows).

Next generation asset and wealth management – protecting and managing digital wealth


As technology advances personal wealth is becoming increasingly digitalized. New forms of wealth (cryptocurrencies, social media accounts, but also software, etc.) are becoming the basis or a significant component of an individual’s wealth. The knowledge accrued by the firm’s professionals in the field of new technologies can be leveraged to provide highly effective, bespoke legal advice in matters concerning asset and wealth management both for individuals (creation of corporate vehicles, trusts, etc.) but also as support to asset managers and wealth managers in executing innovative deals and transactions designed to maximize investment return from digital wealth.

Islamic Finance – catering to the legal needs of the Muslim Community


The rapid growth of Arabic countries and the Muslim community worldwide must be met from a legal point of view with specific, highly tailored solutions. Through its Arabic desk and its professionals, the firm offers a profound understanding of the specificities of Islamic law and Shari’ah-compliant transactions. Additionally, the firm’s professionals have accrued experience in Shari’ah-compliant agreements including musharakah, murabah, istisnah as well as shari’ah-compliant services and agreements such as Islamic insurance takaful. The expertise of the firm’s professionals is a valuable asset in both outbound and inbound deals in which principles of the Shari’ah must be taken into account to avoid violation of principles of Muslim faith (including but not limited to maysir, gharar and riba).


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