LX20 Law Firm endeavors to provide clients with legal support in both domestic and cross-border matters by taking advantage of a strong network of trusted firms and professionals located in key jurisdictions. In addition to its external network, the firm offers clients two dedicated desks to provide legal support in matters involving the U.S or MENA countries.

Characterized by rapid growth as well as the desire and resources to expand their role on the world stage, MENA countries (e.g. Bahrein, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Quatar, Algeria, Kuwait, and UAE) offer unique opportunities to investors and businesses. LX20 Law Firm provides a dedicated desk with native Arabic speakers to support clients with matters involving MENA countries. The firm’s Arabic Desk is also responsible for matters concerning Islamic finance and insurance.

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For matters concerning the United States, the firm has created the US desk designed to provide specific assistance to clients who wish to reach the US market or US clients who wish to invest in Italy. Often hailed as the go-to market for innovative enterprises, the United States offer excellent opportunities for successful businesses. Through its network of trusted firms and a professional admitted to the New York bar, LX20 Law Firm can provide timely and cost-effective legal support to its clients.

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