LX20 Law Firm is a next generation law firm founded to provide effective legal advice in a rapidly changing, innovation-driven world. The mission of the firm is to successfully support businesses and individuals by combining an understanding of the market and technology with legal expertise to assist in even the most complex legal matters. Technology and innovation are therefore not simply buzz words at LX20 Law Firm but an integral part of the firm’s vision. LX20 Law Firm endeavors to stay at the forefront of legal innovation and will support clients in exploring and harnessing the benefits of the most innovative technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and data analytics. In order to accomplish such goal in the context of a globalized world, the firm offers desks to cater to clients interested in the U.S. market and the Gulf countries.


Attorney at law

Alessandro Negri della Torre is the founder of LX20 Law Firm and is qualified to practice law in Italy and in the State of New York. A law graduate of Università L. Bocconi, Alessandro holds two LL.Ms (U.S. and U.K.) and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at a leading University in the UK with a thesis on the regulation of advanced technology for the production of energy. In his career Alessandro has worked at boutique law firms and international firms gaining a deep understanding of the market and the needs of clients engaged in innovative businesses. Most recently Alessandro has developed the fintech initiative of an international consultancy firm and is often called to teach and speak about fintech and law and technology at conferences, seminars and institutional events.


LX20 Law Firm

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